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ArgUrT Map Manager

Experimental Map Manager for Urban Terror and other Quake 3 based games.


  • There is currently no installer, run the self-extracting archive or use 7zip to extract the program to the game install directory.
  • The program requires the .NET Framework 2.0 to be installed (Preinstalled on Windows Vista and above).
  • The program can be run on Linux and Mac using Mono. The Release for Mono includes one shell script to install the required packages and one to start the program.



Supported in .Net 2.0 Supported in Mono Status
Check Game Archive Files (*.pk3) and point out corrupted packages     Works
List all installed Maps     Works
Display Levelshot images     Works
Export Quake Live Archive     Works1
Extract Maps from the game archive, including all required textures, sounds, etc.     Works2
Extract and convert Map Entities.     Work in Progress
Create, load and save mapcycle files     Works
Start a server and directly manipulate the map order     Works
Start map in Singleplayer     Works

1 Only tested in Windows.

2 Imageconversion Features limited in Mono-Build.

Testing Enviroment

Due to limited resources, the program is only tested on Windows 8 64bit, Windows 7 32bit and Ubuntu 12.10 32bit. If anyone wants to share experiences/problems/bugs one made with the program on other platforms, he/she is welcome to. Smiley

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